“Continuous pain like knives under my skin”

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Pete Philly en zijn ervaring met de ziekte van Lyme.

This is my first national interview where I speak frankly about what Lyme was like for me and how the lack of acknowledgement and help for people who have this disease almost made me lose the roof over my head. (Pete Philly on NPO radio 1)

There’s a petition I would like you to sign so that people who are diagnosed get actual coverage from the insurance companies that so far hide behind a false guideline. A 29 year old girl recently committed suicide because of having this disease, there was no help for her either. I don’t want anyone else to experience the hell I’ve gone through, your help would be deeply appreciated! This is the link to the petition https://iladsvoorlyme.petities.nl Thank you.

I have been fearful of expressing the devastating loss and sorrow Chronic Lyme has caused me.
I was drowning because of this illness, what made it worse was being afraid to share my situation believing it would negatively affect a career that honestly had long before been hijacked by this disease already. I didn’t want to share it for fear of being perceived as weak.

Even though I’ve rocked the hell out of shows across the world while being very sick.. I remember doing a successful and satisfying European tour, doing 2,5 hour shows every night WITH pneumonia. And yet, I’ve felt weak through out most of my life, thinking to myself why does living feel so much harder for me compared to others? Why am I so sensitive to other peoples vibes and why does it make me close up or overcompensate? Everybody else seems to be immune to other people’s dissonance why can’t I just get over it? Why am I in a business that constantly prefers well produced falseness to raw honest realness?

Maybe this disease came into my life to teach me that even though I’m good at it, I am to be more than a performer alone, that even though I enjoy and have a talent for speaking and inspiring, it might actually be SILENCE and inspiring MYSELF that I needed to learn. One thing I do know, I’m done with keeping all of this love and insight to myself.

I’m finishing an album this Spring, doing Live Freestyle Friday’s on my Instagram and will choose a space shortly to share my journey from disease back to expression.
But first let me share this video, it’s asking you for help to fund a documentary that is currently in production exposing the lyme epidemic. I’m certain somebody reading this post who may have been feeling awful for a long time and hasn’t figured out what it is or worse has been told it’s simply an attitude issue has got Lyme without even knowing it. Like I did for 20 years..

Please support this documentary in getting this message out. It is deeply appreciated.

Love & light, Pete.


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