Every Lyme Patient is different

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‘If I can be cured in 3 months, so can you!.

You are probably familiar with these sort of comments. We frequently get tips from the people around us and from other patients. I was cured after 3 months because I took … or followed … therapy. These advises are well-meant but not real.

So this message is meant for people that still think that a therapy for a few weeks or months will lead to recovery for everyone.

Every patient is unique
Lyme is a multisystemic disease and no two patients are the same because this bacteria can affect EVERYTHING in the body. How much is affected differs from person to person.

If you are weak, other bacteria and viruses can become active. With a single bite often other bacteria and viruses can enter the body so it differs from person to person. The immune system gets impaired and the outcome is different for each person. The organs that get impaired by it can differ. The medical practitioner will have to put all the pieces of the puzzle together one person at a time.

I keep repeating this sentence: “How ill a person gets, depends on the number of bacteria, how long those have been inside the body, how strong the immune system is, how well you are able to detox and the amount of stress in your everyday life.”

People that got rid of their symptoms within 3 months were enormously lucky!
What I talked about earlier, will in that case still function within their body.

You are now a carrier and will always remain a carrier. Whenever in the future you might get weak again, the bacteria can strike again. It will roll up in cyst form and can survive in a biofilm and as a cell without a cell-wall (snoozing form). As long as your immune system is strong, you will stay strong… as soon as it gets weaker, you will get weaker again too.

 “I was severely ill”
Almost every Lyme patient will end up bedridden and won’t be able to “walk” because it is an inflammation disease and inflammation results in pain and fatigue so that’s not too much of a surprise. Being exhausted and in pain is standard for all patients.

Pain and fatigue are terrible but that doesn’t turn you into a severly ill patient who can heal in 3 months. A seriously ill patient doesn’t get better in just 3 months! A seriously ill patient has too many things going wrong inside his or her body. The immune system doesn’t function very well any more, the patient carries alot of bacteria with him or her that one can’t get under control just like that. Severely ill patients lay in bed 24/7 and have seizures, loss of consciousness , have septic and anaphylactic shocks, lay trembling and shaking in their bed and ultimately can develop a form of dementia, go blind, be in terrible pain and develop ALS and MS-like conditions. These patients have so many deviations in their bodies that need to be corrected and that can take years.

Recovery takes time. That is true for a broken arm or a sprained ankle and it is most definitely true for Lyme Disease!

Worldwide patients go to ILADS doctors because they are abandoned by regular medicine. All great Lyme doctors and researchers are members of ILADS.

ILADS mentions a lot of points of interest because this bacteria has done tremendous damage. The points of attention are:

  1. Diagnosis/ laboratory tests and an elaborate questionnaire
  2. Can the patient still detox?
  3. Treat lyme-infection, co-infections and possible other infections
  4. Acidification
  5. Organ support: bowels, liver, kidney, skin, lymphs
  6. Colonbarrier and colonic flora
  7. Detecting parasites, fungal infections and viruses and get rid of them
  8. Modulating the immune system
  9. Does the patient have intolerances or allergies?
  10. Are there low graded inflammations?
  11. Are there neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric deviations?
  12. Does the patient suffer from environmental toxins or radiation?
  13. Does the patient have a mitochondrial disfunction?
  14. Are there any endocrine deviations?
  15. Biorhythm and sleep
  16. Are there any disfunctions in the autonomous nervous system?
  17. Are there issues concerning collagen as well as other symptoms and complaints?

It is not that simple after all! I am very happy for the people that get cured after only a few weeks or months of treatment because they were still able to detox or didn’t have too many deviations in their immune system, mitochondria, nervous system and no failing organs. But the simple fact that you or someone you know got well entails a lot of other factors that plays their role as well. See before.

I hope you realize that there are a lot of factors in play with Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections. The difficult puzzle will have to be resolved. All pieces need to fit and that’s a big challenge for your Lyme doctor.

With severely ill patients there is so much affected, broken and not working that the issue can only be resolved by tackling everything one by one and repair it and this takes time, a lot of time.

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