Lyme disease is an invisible epidemic with a much greater impact than we think. In this documentary we want to show what it’s like as a patient to have to live with this disease that is so misunderstood.

It is a film about injustice, struggles and conflicts of interest. Will it manage to break through political and medical regimen and allow the important  switch to new international guidelines so patients can have a chance at a decent life? This is what we would like to see happening, but with current trends, this will not happen.

The documentary is one of the ways to raise more attention, recognition and research on chronic Lyme. But there is more. What happens to my donation?

On the website Lyme epidemic there is much more information for patients and professionals about:

> Lyme disease,
> Its treatment, and
> The impact on our society


Miro Kloosterman
Pete Philly

This website is an initiative of a group of chronic Lyme patients in cooperation with the Happy Motion Foundation. Our aim is to produce the documentary ” S.O.S. An Invisible Epidemic” to shed some light on the actual situation and draw attention to the problems concerning the treatment of Lyme.

Will you help us putting this invisible disease on the map?

Lyme disease is a complex disease. Difficult to detect and difficult to treat. Not enough funds, not enough treatment options and too little public attention ensuring that patients in the Netherlands are left on their own.

International specialized doctors and researchers are now making good progress with new guidelines for the treatment of chronic Lyme. But those guidelines are not yet accepted in our country by politics, science and health insurers.

Treatment of chronic Lyme is not reimbursed in the Netherlands. Patients often find themselves having  a lack of money for treatment abroad and are becoming sicker. Sometimes with death or euthanasia as a result. All because of a disease that does not “exist ” in our country.

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