In several countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the USA, we will start a campaign. Each country has it’s own ambassadors who are well known and who will put the disease on the map. Through a campaign film, media attention, signs along the highway and presentations throughout the country, we want to draw attention to this degrading situation. If people want to help out, they can make a donation through our donation page


The “Lyme Disease” patient group has started the ILADSFORLYME petition to put Lyme high on the political agenda. They want to collect 40 000 signatures to force the Gouvernement (de Tweede Kamer) to discuss de ILADS guidelines.

Sign the petition and share this page in your network!


Join us and ‘Make a S.O.S. Stop sign’, take a picture or selfie with the S.O.S Stop Sign, post this on our facebook @LymeEpidemie and donate 5 euro through: and nominate 3 persons to do the same!


Six years ago, model and actor (known for his roles as Thijs Kramer from GTST and The Bodyguard) Miro Kloosterman was infected by Lyme disease. He gave everything he had to fight this disabling disease.

“At one point I was tired and I did not only sleep at night, but also during the day. My body felt torn. I was really scared because every little bit of energy went out of my body. At one point I could no longer perform and learn my texts by heart. ”

After 3.5 years of searching, I was sure, and everything I felt made me believe that my disease had to be Lyme. When Lyme actually was diagnosed, I tried everything I could. Everything I heard or read I applied. Believe me, after so many years of being extremely tired (which is very difficult to explain to someone who is healthy) you’ll do anything you can think of. You just want to be fit!

Singer and rapper Pete Philly about Lyme disease “The fight against this terrible disease made sure I had to build my life all over again. But I’m still here, I’m still alive and I have never felt so present.”

“I am grateful for the fact that so many people asked me, on the street and on social media, if I was going to make new music. And that while I was acting like a miserable person. ” I started creating some new music after years filled with therapies, but I have to be patient. To quote Schwarzenegger: “I’ll be back” The new album from Pete Philly is out now

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