Lyme, an invisible epidemic


“Thanks so much for this great film. A very impressive documentary about how it is to live with an unrecognised disease. An informative documentary that shows the harsh reality but also gives hope. Everyone should watch this S.O.S. Lyme Documentary”
– Dr. Armin Schwarzbach – Arminlabs

“This film is very good since it shows the distress, even death and then the hope with even the recovery at a part of the patients”
– Prof. Christian Perronne

“Very good documentary”
– Prof. Dr. de Meirleir


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The documentary
“S.O.S. Lyme, an invisible epidemic” deals with the most serious aspects of Lyme disease such as paralysis, blindness, and pain. But also shows the consequences such as: placing in care, alleged child abuse, euthanasia, welfare issues and misdiagnoses. Patients will be interviewed as well as Dutch experts and international physicians such as Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Burrascano, Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Schwarzbach.

Marc is from Belgium. He was critically ill and had given up hope. Doctors had even suggested euthanasia when he finally found the right treatment and was cured.

Aubry has been given Lyme disease at birth by his mother (see transfer). His mother regularly tests positive for Lyme. Therefor Aubry was more tired than his peers. At the age of 27, right after three vaccinations, Aubry  suffered from nerve pain, heart palpitations, fatigue and tinnitus. His health continuously got worse and he became bedridden. He started losing weight tremendously. He is now being treated by Prof. de Meirleir and hopes that he will be able to live independently again in the future.

Amber lay in the dark 24/7. She was extremely exhausted due to light and sound oversensitivity, unbearable neuropathic pain and paralysis. While she and her family tried to cope with this life threatening disease, a report from social services (“Veilig Thuis”/Safe at Home) threatened to put her into care (in spite of the authorities admitting that she was well looked after at home).

Angelina is 59 years old and has been suffering from Lyme disease since she was 6 years old. She does not have the funds for treatment. Over the years she has become so severely ill that she will decide to commit euthanasia. We will follow her trough this last year of her life.

Annelies became bound to her bed 10 years ago, due to a late diagnosis. Because of the distressing situation and her own lonely battle Annelies has started the foundation ‘Time for Lyme “in Belgium. The goal of the foundation is recognition. Through preventive measures, awareness activities, political interventions and providing correct information and supporting research they try to reach this purpose. Annelies has made progress thanks to the ILADS treatment and has found a piece of quality of life again because of it.

Lotte lives in the Netherlands. She had a circular red rash and was tested positive for Lyme disease twice. She didn’t receive any effective treatment but several misdiagnoses. After she was told there was no more treatment in regular care, she had decided to go abroad to seek further help and slowly started feeling better. Unfortunately, her welfare benefits were cut and her insurance didn’t cover her treatments anymore. Because of this, Lotte is financially ruined.

Joshua has had a rough time dealing with paralysis, blindness, and the threat of being separated from his parents, committed into psychiatric care. His parents tell about their ordeal in an emotional and impressive manner.

The Belgian Kate is a positive lady … She was sick .. Long before she was diagnosed with Lyme and co-infections via a  ILADS doctor. They quickly made progress and she no longer feels trapped in her own body. She is exercising again to rebuild strength, she can provide for her children again and gradually is getting her life back, like Daisy. She will talk about how she could remain positive during the period she was seriously ill.

Daisy was critically ill and her health considerably improved with her ILADS treatment abroad, she is almost recovered. Daisy has contaminated her husband, he is also being treated for Lyme. She is now very busy fighting with a campaign team on behalf of Lyme patients.

Rosan is fighting for her life. An expensive treatment abroad would save her but she cannot afford it. She needs to raise funds. The delay means that without treatment, her condition is dramatically deteriorating.

At the moment, the Netherlands still treats Lyme disease with outdated guidelines. After a short antibiotic course, patients must be cured. Thereby, there is no acknowledgment and recognition for chronic Lyme patients, thus no treatment, compensation or help.

Insurance companies do not cover the new recognized guidelines for testing and (long term) treatments. Only people with sufficient funds can get treatment abroad. Too many patients are left to fend for themselves. They get no help and are deprived from their benefits.

This documentary will focus on the actual situation and the lack of knowledge in the healthcare sector. Patients, experts from the Netherlands and abroad will share their views and shed some light on the Dutch Lyme disease issues.

This documentary can only be realized with your support!

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