20 bullet points about Lyme disease

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Lyme disease

  1. Lyme disease is a multisystem disease that can affect everything in the body. You can be walking around with all sorts of complaints caused by the bacterium. Symptoms coming and going is typical of Lyme disease. One minute you are telling your doctor about a complaint, the next about a total different problem.
  2. Children are especially at risk of being bitten by a tick. Ticks can now appear anywhere as kids play more and more in green environments. In private gardens, city parks and playing areas.
  3. Evidence in research confirms that this bacterium is also spread through the blood banks, mosquitoes, biting flies, fleas, mites and all stinging insects. Also through sexual contact, from mother to unborn baby and through breastfeeding.
  4. In America the CDC (Health) continuously needs to report the increasing number of cases that has risen from 10,000 to 500,000, then to 1-2 million per year in the US while the actual number of this epidemic is much higher because of many incorrect diagnoses.
  5. Lyme disease is also called “the great imitator”, it can mimic many diseases and can be the cause of MS, ME / CFS, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, arthritis, lupus, ALS, Alzheimer’s, RSI, ADHD, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s, Depression and mental health problems, etc. These diagnoses often turn out to be Lyme. Do you have any of these conditions? ILADS doctors can test you and help checking you out. www.ILADS.org
  6. The classic red circle Erythema Migrans (EM) is seen by only 30% of Lyme patients. If you get the red circle, you are 100% infected. You didn’t get a red circle? This means nothing. Do an LTT Elispot test and a CD57 test at Armin Labsand; find an ILADS doctor. Regular doctors cannot help you because they stick to the IDSA / CBO guidelines.
  7. IDSA is a PRIVATE organization that wrote the guidelines. The members have different interests. They earn money with this disease from vaccines sales and have ties with the pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies. The CDC Health in America does not intervene because the director of the CDC is also a member of the IDSA. There are too many interests. Why can the IDSA / CBO guidelines not be changed? From the 14 authors of the first edition of the guidelines:  6 of them or their universities have patents on Lyme and co-infections, four received funding from Lyme and co-infection test kit manufacturers, four were paid by insurance companies to write the Lyme guidelines for prescribing policies and to consult in Lyme lawsuits, and 9 received money from the Lyme disease vaccine manufacturers. Some of them even had multiple interests. (Documentary: Under our skin)
  8. If you are infected, you will not necessarily be sick immediately. As long as your immune system is strong and the conditions are unfavorable for the bacteria, it can lie dormant for years or survive in hibernation mode in your body. This may take up to 10-20 years. If you are weak, the bacteria can still strike. Especially people with a positive Lyme disease test. Those who have had a red circle should stay alert for the rest of their lives. How sick a person gets depends on the amount of bacteria in the body and how long and how much has been growing there, how strong the immune system is. It also depends on your stress level and how well you are able to detox.
  9. When a tick bites you are not only at risk to get infected with Lyme disease but also other tick bite diseases such as Bartonella, Babesia (Malaria-like), Ehrlichia, Rickettsia, Mycoplasma, TBE, Yersinia (Pest related).
  10. The tests in the Netherlands are only 30% reliable. Do a LTT Elispot and CD57 test at Armin Labs and find an ILADS doctor.
  11. Removing the tick within 24 hours is no guarantee that the tick cannot bring contamination. Once the tick reaches the bloodstream, you can become infected.
  12. A 2-4 week course of antibiotics is far too short to kill the bacteria. Immediately after the bite, a six-week course of antibiotics is needed and you should only stop if there are no further problems. If you have had symptoms for a long time, you will need a long-term treatment. www.ILADS.org
  13. Lyme disease is a multisystem disease and can cause any kinds of symptoms. ILADS not only prolong an antibiotic treatment but also provide natural support resources. Everything in the body that has been damaged must be strengthened, everything that is affected must be restored and sometimes there are gene defects. Everything should be looked at.
  14. The Borrelia bacteria have several forms. The spirochetes form (corkscrew) is tackled with antibiotics. The cyst form (a spirochete that rolls up where antibiotics cannot reach) must be dealt with through natural resources to break open the cyst and to clear the bacteria. The biofilm can be tackled in different ways and then there is a cell wall-free form and granules. Regular doctors only know the spirochetes form. By not addressing the other forms, patients remain ill.
  15. Every day there are more patients, we can rightly speak of an epidemic. There is no recognition, treatment, compensation and assistance for patients in the Netherlands and Belgium.
  16. The World Health Organisation describes the Lyme disease as an “emerging disease” in addition to AIDS, Ebola, SARS and Hepatitis C. This emerging diseases are a major cause of suffering and death and impose a huge financial burden on society says the World Health Organisation. http://www.who.int/trade/glossary/story022/en/
  17. The bacterium Borrelia spirochetes belong to the same family as the causative agent of syphilis and Weil’s disease. The latter two diseases are extremely difficult to combat. At the moment, Borrelia is the most complicated and sophisticated bacterium that we know!
  18. Lyme disease is 1.5 times more common than breast cancer! But there is no media coverage, while untreated Lyme can cause cancer. Lyme is 6x more prevalent than HIV / Aids but receives only 1% of funding compared to HIV / AIDS, while Lyme disease can be fatal!
  19. If you get sick after a bite, your doctor cannot help you. There is no treatment, compensation and relief for chronic Lyme patients in the Netherlands and Belgium. Patients are going abroad for testing and treatment.
  20. What can you do about this epidemic? (Dutch): https://desishiba.wordpress.com/2015/01/01/wat-kunt-u-doen-aan-de-lyme-epidemie/

Sign and spread this petition for proper guidelines: https://iladsvoorlyme.petities.nl/

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