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Lyme disease is caused by bacteria of the Borrelia type.
This disease is known as ‘tick bite disease’, actually unjustified, because these bacteria are spread by all stinging insects such as horseflies, mosquitoes, but also fleas, mites, gnats and spiders etc. Now who hasn’t been stung by a mosquito or a gadfly?? That is more common than a tick !!
It is also transmitted from mothers to their unborn babies through drinking unpasteurized milk, eating raw meat and it is a sexually-transmitted disease.
The Borrelia bacteria have several forms, including an L shape, this form is so small that it can penetrate the finest filters and could thus also be distributed through blood banks. More info (tab transfer)

It is a multi-systemic disease, and can affect the whole body.
Any complaint can therefore, unfortunately, be caused by the Borrelia bacteria. Patients are often faced with the wrong diagnoses because Lyme can cause various symptoms such as ALS, MS, Dementia, Depression, CFS / ME, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Lupus, ADHD, psychiatric symptoms, rheumatic arthritis, etc.

If you have received such a diagnosis it could also easily be possible that you have Lyme disease. You can have this tested by means of an LTT (Elispot) and CD57 test at, for example, Armin Labs. Ask for a blood-test set, collect blood samples and send back within 24 hours. An ILADS doctor can help you after that.

The regular tests are unfortunately only 30% reliable,
there for patients are tested abroad.

Obviously, the longer you carry the bacteria, the more bacteria you get, the sicker you get and because bacteria keep on multiplying, it will increasingly affect your body.
It creates all kinds of inflammations. Inflammation can cause pain, fatigue, dementia, depression, damage to your organs and disbalance in your body.

In regular care, Lyme is treated with two to four weeks of antibiotics. This is much too short! This way the bacteria cannot be completely wiped out and patients stay ill or become ill again. Borrelia bacteria are killed during cell division, this only takes place at around four weeks, therefore ILADS recommends six weeks of antibiotics immediately after a tick bite. Do you still have complaints? Then you need to be treated for months, and sometimes years, until the symptoms disappear completely. A lot of great doctors and researchers are affiliated with ILADS. ILADS enjoys successes worldwide. They treat Lyme with long-term antibiotics (continuously / pulses) and lots of other (natural)means to support the human body in its struggle against this disease. Anything that helps to restore the body and regain one’s strength.

Unfortunately, regular health care sticks to IDSA / CBO guidelines, so patients are left to their own devices. General practitioners and physicians are obliged to uphold these guidelines and are powerless.

IDSA is a private organization. Its members have other interests, and earn from this disease through vaccines and ties to the pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies. CDC Health Care in America does not intervene because the CEO of CDC is also a member of the IDSA. There are too many interests.

Why have the IDSA / CBO guidelines not been changed?
There are fourteen authors of the first edition of the guidelines and six of them (or their universities) have patents on Lyme and its co-infections. Four received funding from Lyme and co-infection test kit manufacturers, four were paid by insurance companies to write these Lyme guidelines on policies and to consult in Lyme lawsuits, and nine received money from the Lyme disease vaccine manufacturers. Some of them even had multiple interests. (Documentary: Under our Skin)

The IDSA guidelines are scrapped from the American NGC and the ILADS guidelines are the only ones currently recognized in the National Guidelines Clearinghouse! A doctor who still says the IDSA / CBO guidelines must be followed, is not up to speed. However, at the start of 2016, the Dutch government completely dismissed the ILADS guidelines without any kind of justification.

The Dutch government has promised us a knowledge centre, but parliament member Schippers does not want doctors to administer long-term antibiotics. However, long-term antibiotics are prescribed for acne patients and other diseases. Odd, to say the least, because acne does not kill you, whereas Lyme does. The World Health Organisation even puts Lyme in the list of serious, emerging diseases along with HIV and Ebola. (Http://www.who.int/trade/glossary/story022/en/).

Lyme disease is the fastest growing tick bite disease and infectious disease in the World! Reason enough to step up now. It is more common than breast cancer and AIDS! Yet, there is no recognition, treatment, compensation or help. Patients have to pay for their own treatment abroad.

There is no help or knowledge with respect to Lyme in the Netherlands.
ILADS trains physicians worldwide. The Netherlands can also make good use of it. Yet, they stubbornly want to re-invent the wheel and simply experiment with treatments in regular health care.
Very dangerous indeed because the bacteria continues to rein unchecked and can affect the heart one day and/or cause ALS, MS and Alzheimer’s-like symptoms so that patients could die

We are hoping for a speedy end to the practices of the IDSA, pharmaceutical industry, government agencies and insurance companies.
People are at home suffering immensely. Only those with money can afford treatment. The remaining patients will continue to struggle in vain.
Time for a change! Sign this petition and spread the word for a good guideline: ILADS for LYME petition.
With your donation we can make a documentary and put up a campaign: ILADS for LYME petition

With your donation we can make a documentary and put up a campaign: www.LymeEpidemie.nl/donate

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