Different variations and symptoms of Lyme disease

 In ILADS, Lyme

The signs that point to Lyme disease are: neurological (nervous system / brain), dermatological (skin), rheumatological (muscles & joints), cardiological (heart), ophthalmological (eyes) & psychic symptoms.

 How severe the illness will present itself is determined by the amount of bacteria, how long they have been present / growing in the patient’s body, how strong the immune system is, how well the body is capable to detox and the amount of psychological stress in the patient’s life.

Head, face & neck:
Inexplicable and excessive hair loss
Headache, mild or severe
Twitching of facial or other muscles
(one-sided) failure of facial muscles (Bell’s palsy)
Insensitive spots in the face
Tingling of the nose, cheeks or face
Stiff neck / neck pain / cracking sounds when moving the neck
Pain or stiffness in the mandible
Sore throat

 Vision and hearing:
Double or blurred vision
Oversensitivity to light
Eye pain / swelling around the eyes
Decrease of hearing
Tinnitus, aching ears
Oversensitivity to sound

Digestive system:
Change in stool: constipation / diarrhea
Irritated bladder / bladder dysfunction
Upset stomach, nausea, pain
Leaky gut
Crohn / spastic colon / aching
Histamine problems

Skeleton & muscles:
Stiffness in the neck or back joints
Joint pain and / or swelling
Muscle aches & cramps
Burning pain

Respiratory & circulatory systems:
Shortness of breath / persistent cough
Chest pains / tender ribs
Inexplicable fever / sweat / shivers / hot flashes
Heart palpations / extrasystole / heart blockages
History of heart murmurs or heart valve prolapse
Blood pressure (too high or too low)
Dilation of the major blood vessels and pressure on the smaller arteries

Tremors / inexplicable shivering
Tingling / numbness / burning or stabbing sensations / shooting pain
Sensation of pressure in the brain
Light headedness / dizziness
Sudden leg muscle weakness
Inexplicable sharp neuralgia
Worsening motion sickness / fear of heights / bad balance

Mood swings / irritation / depression / anger
Difficulties to read or write
Sleep problems: difficulties to fall asleep, waking up early, sleeping too much or not enough
Feeling you’re losing your mental faculties

Forgetfulness / memory problems
Difficulties with reading and concentration
Confusion / difficulties to order thoughts
Bad orientation
Speech difficulties: slow, unclear, stuttering
Not remembering how to do simple tasks

Reproduction and sexuality:
Loss or rise of libido
Inexplicable menstrual irregularity
Inexplicable lactation, breasts pain
Testicular pain / pain in the pelvic area

General wellbeing:
Inexplicable fever
Inexplicable weight changes
More than normal exhaustion / fatigue / low stamina
Swollen glands
Excessive hangover symptoms after alcohol consumption
Alternating increase and decrease of symptoms without an apparent reason
Persistent infections: nose, kidneys, eyes, etc.
Pain shifting between different body parts
As one of the first symptoms a flu-like illness from which you never recover.
Sensitivity to electromagnetic waves (mobile or DECT phone, high voltage cables, transmission towers)
Dermatological problems
Septic or anaphylactic shock

Severe depression
Extreme fatigue
Emotional instability
Easily irritable
Mood swings
Sensitivity to light
Sleep disorders
Memory problems
Dyslexia-like word reversals
Loss of libido
Abnormal experiences to smell and taste
Changing appetite (risk of bulimia / anorexia)
Sensitivity to vibrations and noise
Nightly anxiety attacks
Panic attacks
Suicidal thoughts
Feelings of rage / violent thoughts
Brain fog
Getting lost at familiar places
Lack of concentration
Facial paralysis
Personality changes

Doctor Richard Horowitz from the ILADS is an American internist from New York specialized in Borrelia. He believes joint pain jumping from one joint to the other; muscle pain jumping from one muscle to the other and neuropathy (bad functioning nerves causing tingling, numb or burning feeling) jumping from one place to the other is a distinctive sign of Borreliosis. If you have this, you are almost certain to have Borreliosis or Lyme disease. A different distinctive symptom is a recurrent pattern of a bad period every 4 weeks.

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